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Offset Printing Rollers

In today’s competitive field no cost conscious printer can afford to make compromises in print quality, llow excessive paper waste or avoidable machine down times.

In order to obtain guaranteed dimensional stability, high production runs & optimal dependability “Chamara Products” constantly monitor the modern technological advancement in printing roller manufacturing industry for the benefit of its customers. The innovative concepts and developments with the worlds leading printing machine manufacturers draw our attention at all times.

Specific requests from many different industries as to roller dimensions, surface conditions, norms & tolerances as well as physical & chemical peculiarities are carefully being considered by our technical staff in order to deliver best results for our customers.

We manufacture rubber rollers for various industries but emphasize on Offset printing rollers including rollers for both oil-based ink and UV ink printing rollers.

Whether a single order or a series type order, whether an initial equipment order or a recovery we are at your service with dedication.

Individual selection of rubber compounds for above average service life & material properties  tailor made for your  application are our main concern.

Precision and accuracy at all production levels are strictly enforced so that the final product will guarantee exact surface quality to original standard specifications.

Our rollers are not only resistant to inks & chemicals, they also have extremely high thermal conductivity. They take on inks extremely well & apply them equally well.

  • Colour Application Rollers.
  • Colour Contrast Rollers.
  • Colour Transfer Rollers.
  • UV Varnish  Rollers
  • Friction Rollers.
  • Book Printing Rollers.
  • Gravure Impression Rollers.
  • Laminating Rollers.

And many more are turned out round the clock to cater to our customers for uninterrupted service.

Almost all the world famous brands of Printing machine Rollers are being manufactured by us.

“Chamara Products” offer Rubber Rollers in sizes up to 1000mm dia & 6000mm length.

We provide rubber rollers with different types of rubbers, such an nitrile rubber, nitrile pvc, EPDM, Butyl, Silicone, Natural Rubber, Neoprene Rubber etc;


  • Roller Coating with Rubber.
  • Roller Coating with other media to suit individual requirements.
  • Grinding of  Rubberized Rollers.
  • Re-coating & Repairs.

Roller Cores

  • Fabrication of Roller cores out of Stainless Steel, Mild steel, Aluminium, Brass etc;.
  • Old & Used Core Repairs.

We are confident that our Rollers will provide an excellent service and results for printing Industry.

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