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Feeder Rollers Printing

Today’s sheet fed offset printing machines and collators demand the highest performance level with the ever increasing running speeds of the machines.

As such various accessories required for the machines need to be of the highest quality standard. So that the printer can expect optimum operation time & lesser down time.

Rubber suckers, Grippers , Feeder Rollers, Wheels etc.. of different shapes & sizes are being manufactured by “Chamara Products” conforming to manufacturers specifications of almos tot all the famous brands of printing machines.

Our ability to fabricate the necessary moulds with precision is ample proof of our readiness to service our customers whenever the need arises for them to obtain their product with ease.

Hardness & colour in conformity to manufacture’s specification is maintained almost at all levels.

The surface of the flat suckers are finished so as to enhance the grip of the paper & prevents slip.

For ease of identification all the accessories are available in colour coded material.Hardness & thickness fully conforms to original manufacturer’s specification and will ensure consistent quality.

Consistent performance of “Chamara Rubber Suckers” at both slow start-up and fast running speeds are guaranteed & further the precise shape enhances the paper or board lifting process upon contact & eliminates sheet slipping & double feeding.

Chamara Rubber Suckers are available in two designs.

  1. Shaped Rubber Suckers for small presses & collators.
  2. Flat Suckers for large offset press feeder systems.
    • Eg :- Stream Feeder, Mabeg & Speiss.

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