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Industrial Rollers

“Chamara Products” is serving a wide area of industries in providing their requirements of Rollers.

Most of the Rollers handled by us are of heavy category as such our expertise play a key role in providing a reliable product to satisfy our customers.

  • Steel & Metal Industry.
  • Timber & Furniture Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Plastic Industry.
  • Leather Industry.
  • Paper Processing Industry.
  • Asbestos Roofing Product Industry.
  • Polyvinyl Sheeting Industry.
  • Corrugated Sheet Industry.
  • Laminating Industry.
  • Polythene Printing Industry.
  • Metal Printing Industry.. etc

Are some but not all the Industries served by us.

All the above quoted industrialists are our clients for more than three and half decades of our business.

Special attention is needed in handling heavy rollers for printing industry where the Rubber Coating & Grinding is a highly sensitive subject.

“Chamara Products” has the capacity & knowledge to cater to these markets, thanks to the capability of our technical support staff.

Plant and Equipment necessary to handle such components are in our possession so that quick attention & speedy delivery in Childs play.

We constantly tap the external supply sources to procure the best of row materials & chemicals to produce an excellent piece of finished product.

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